Cute Lizzie

Her face is in the shade -- good! But the blown-out highlights in the backgound are a problem.

When Cody and Angela Langford and their 4 daughters came to town — the first time in 10 years — Cody’s Aunt Heidi organized a family party to meet and greet these Missouri Langfords.  Amy Hart offered to hostess the party at the Pavilion and Boat Dock in Saratoga Springs.  About 30 family members showed up, a great photo op.  However, it was held in the middle of the day when the sun was too strong or hot for good photography.  So.  What does a photographer do?  Change the time of the party?  I don’t think so.  A photographer has a few options, however.  Some of them good.

First, choose to shoot the subjects in the shade — not full-on sun which leaves black shadows under the eyes.  We’ve all seen them.  We’ve all shot them.

Second, choose to shoot into a dark background.  If you shoot into a light one — filled with hot sun — the subjects will be underexposed.

Third, shoot when a cloud momentarily covers the sun.  A cloud acts as a huge lightbox and changes that harsh light into beautiful, gentle light.  If even just momentarily.

Fourth, take lots of pictures.  You can always edit out the ones that don’t work.  Who will know?