Marlene Abbot may not have moved back from Florida to organize this 60th Birthday Party, but that is exactly what happened when she did.  She and Colleen Ostler Yeates, Barbara Halls Doyle, Heather Benson, and Joan Harris Argyle organized the affair complete with decorations (brown and gold balloons), favors (a brown and gold beaded friendship bracelet made by Heather), and a birthday cake loaded with brown-eyed Susans made by Jennifer Jones.  We laughed and cried and remembered how much we meant to each other.

Lunch was served in famous Lion House fashion.  We reintroduced ourselves and remembered those of our class who had passed on.

Photographically speaking, a luncheon is one of the hardest events to photograph.  Everyone is either eating  or talking.  Not the most flattering sight.  After 1,500 weddings where people ate, we finally admitted that the easiest solution is not to go for true candids,  but to take individual shots of everyone while they are smiling and looking at the camera.  A photo-journalistic cop-out, I know.  But trust me.  It is the best solution.   No one likes to see  pictures of themselves eating or talking.  It’s just the way it is.  Come on!  Which would you choose?

Candid Talking

Susan talking during lunch.

Susan smiling!

After several attempts (most not shown here), she smiled at the camera!