The evening Michael Whiffen and I shot the Sacramento California Temple, seven eagles circled the spire.  Additionally we saw wild turkey and deer on the grounds.  A superbly peaceful place.

And yes, dusk and dawn are some of the best times to shoot architecture.  The last rays of sun on the facade often look like a blush of pink, a bit of ambiance, and a sparkle of personality.   It’s the emotional impact in the image.

But the tip I’ll share today is this, if you’re shooting a window, make sure you’re standing in the middle of the window.  Or a door, the middle of the door,  etc.  Otherwise the symmetry of the shot is off.   And in architecture — because the building doesn’t smile or look pensive — one of the nice things to shoot is the symmetry.

And one more thing.  Take the photo just after the lights come on in the evening.  You’d be surprised at how much better anything looks with a little light glowing from the inside.