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Utah State University

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In the late 1980’s I went back to college to finish my undergraduate degree.  I was an English major in love with photography.  It would have taken me too long to complete the degree if I changed my major, so I kept it and did all the photography classes on the side.  🙂  For a while, I’d like to revisit some of those lessons (Beginning Photography, Utah State University) one at a time.

Lesson #1:  You’ll never take that “one in a million” shot if you don’t start shooting.  Shoot as much as you can.  The more you shoot, the faster you’ll learn.  And the faster you’ll start taking million dollar images.

This is easy today with digital cameras.  Click, delete, click, delete . . .  But before digital, film had to be purchased and processed.  So even if I hated all my shots — and never used them, I still had to pay for all the clicks!  And it was expensive.  Anyone had to be pretty committed to photography to become a good photographer back then.  So start shooting!  Just begin where you are (I’m talking to me, mostly) and post your best shots here.  Come on!  It’ll be fun — and we may even learn something, too.  And before I forget.  I took these pictures last year on a little outing to Bear Lake with my in-town sisters and my mom.  I took 70  pictures that day — looked at them briefly — and did nothing with them.  These are direct from the camera, no digital manipulation at all (they could use some).  And lots more problems.  Can you see what they are?  We’ll talk about them, and your posts too!

Bear Lake, Southwest Shore

Seagulls in Flight

A little marsh found along the southwest shore of Bear Lake

4 of the 5 of us adventurers
Four of us out wading

Me, Mom, Heidi, and Michelle