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Aggies cheering on their basketball team at th...

We were like a team, cheering each other on . . .

Every Monday , in beginning photography at Utah State University, we (students and our professor) gathered  together for a critique.  Each student brought 10 mounted and matted prints from the previous week’s shots, and in turn displayed those prints around the room (mostly on the chalkboards) so all could be seen.  Then we discussed the good and bad about each shot.  We often laughed and were occasionally impressed by the work.  These were easy-going discussions where we all learned from the triumphs and the disasters of each other.  I valued these discussions because in an hour or two, I could learn exponentially more than I ever  learned just by shooting alone.  We were like a team,  shooting alone but working together.  And we all benefited.

So, on Monday — the one coming up around the bend — I plan on posting my  favorite images I’ve shot at home this week, and hope you do, too.  If you can’t post, please comment and say you have something for the blog — and I’ll send you an address where you can  in turn send the images and I’ll post them for you.  Please, please do this.  I’m begging you!  (How’s that for drama?)  We’ll all learn so much more if you participate.

Some of the items I found at home before this week.