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As we proceed to Lesson 2 in Beginning Photography from Utah State Univrsity,  we’ll move away from home — but not too far.  Just 10 minutes or so.  It’s time to shoot in your neighborhood.  Everything’s game:  people; trees; flowers; apartment buildings; sidewalks.  Everything.  Shoot close ups and macros, long shots and scapes.  Watch for interesting happenings.  Quiet moments.  Hustle or bustle.  Just one word about light.  The best times to shoot outdoors are 1/2 hour before and after either dusk or dawn.  That’s called the magic hour, when the light is so gorgeous you’d like to kiss it!  But you can shoot all day long if it’s overcast — or if you shoot in the shade.  So good luck with this week’s shooting.

Also, I have a few images to upload from other photographers — their shots taken at home.  I’ll be posting those sp0radicaly through out the week.  Check back often so you don’t miss them.  There’s some pretty beautiful and interesting images.

These images were all found within 10 minutes of my home in Saratoga Springs.