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Lon, to Long Beach and Beyond – a gallery on Flickr

When my brother, Lon Dean, bought a Canon EOS 1D – Mark 111 a few years ago, I was not prepared for his photographic journey.  I was the photographer in the family and had been for 20 years.  So when he started shooting, I was shocked that he had such a good eye.  He shot his dog Pudge (we’ll meet him later), water drops from his faucet, his Grandchildren, and his kids.  He learned his camera , but  would often ask me technical questions.   As his experience in shooting broadened, it first included shooting around his town, Long Beach, California.  Then he entered the “Best of Long Beach” photography contest and won several awards.  The next year he won the audience appeal award.  This year he won the overall I-am-the-best-shooter in Long Beach award.  A significant achievement.  And now I ask him questions.

I love Lon’s shooting.  It is so daring.  And he attends many events in his city and photographs them.   He shoots the birds and the bees, the surfers and their boards, the sunsets and beaches, the people and their doings.  When he travels — he shoots the sights with equal aplomb.

Do you know your town as well as Lon knows his?  Have you photographed it?  Have you learned how to shoot at night with a tripod and long exposures?  Have you shot the interiors of buildings?  Remember, as you shoot, you will find your style or niche.  You’ll discover what is important to you.  You’ll start taking memorable images — even some million dollar shots.  And you’ll have memorable times.  Include your children, talk with them what you’re doing.  Get them a camera so they can shoot too.  And you’ll have some million dollar memories.