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My mom, two sisters, and I went to St. George last week to watch Lon — you’ve met him — play in the Huntsman Senior Games.  We had a glorious time — even though it rained the entire time we were there.  Lon won a Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal in Table Tennis.  It was exciting to watch and a challenge to photograph.   We were indoors and no flash allowed.  This meant the iso had to be set high enough so that all the action wasn’t just a blur.  But raising the iso also increases the grain or noise — as it is now mostly called — in the image.  If you don’t like noise, you won’t be in love with the pictures technically.  But let me remind you, there is no such thing as a perfect picture.  You just have to learn to shoot within the allowed parameters and be happy with what you get — or else give up photography and go swimming.

I may never sell the images, but to me they are priceless, a visual reminder of our time together as a family, a record of the laughter and nervous excitement of the event.  Though we were there to watch Lon, it was important to me to photograph a little of the other players and watchers.  That gives a better idea of the event and all the other commitment that was battling  around in the Dixie Center.  It’s also nice to include a little of the surrounding city to get a fix on the location.

Oh!  Be sure to shoot a ton!  Most of them will probably need deleting — if you shoot like I do!