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Makell’s twin sister, Kalli, also chose Altus Photo Design to take her engagement pictures.  We took them the day following Makell’s in Saratoga Springs at Eagle Park and the Saratoga Springs Boat Dock on the west side of Utah Lake.  But now the pressure is really on.  How does one shoot twins, make them different and yet please both of them equally?  A different location helps.  But the most important thing is to remember is the relationship.  Catch that, and all other concerns fall by the wayside.  Additionally, this time, I turned some of the shots to Black & White, took a second shooter to take the candids, and complained in my mind about the bright light.  (Never complain about anything to the Bride.  She wants everything perfect from beginning to end.  You’ll slit your own throat if you complain to her!)  Even though we shot at roughly the same time of day, shooting in the mountains is entirely different than shooting by the side of a lake.  I’m talking about the quality of the light.  Compare the two shoots.  See if you can see a difference in the light!