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As you know, family shoots are exponentially more difficult to shoot than engagements.  The more people you add, the more difficult it is to shoot.  And if some of them are children, depending on the day, the photographer is hosed!  Not so, however, with the Evans family.  Those children were deceptively well behaved.  Hardly a squirm.  Nary a wiggle.  Easily the easiest family we’ve ever photographed.

Because we shot these back to back with Kalli’s engagements, they had to be in the same location.  Eagle Park in Saratoga Springs, on the northwest shores of Utah Lake.  Look at the difference in light.  The Evans family was shot one hour later in the day than Kalli’s engagements.  During the magic hour just before the sun sets.

On a family shoot it is imperative to have a second shooter.  While one is arranging and haranguing, the other photographer has the perfect opportunity to catch the candids, the magic shots of any shoot.  Elizabeth, my daughter, was the magic shooter on this shoot as well as Kalli’s engagements.  Her shots are the unusual ones, the close ups, the memorable ones.