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Sometimes, not often enough (to quote Karen Carpenter), photographers establish a relationship with their clients which continues photographically through the years.  Such is the case with Melissa and Ryan Elliott.   The first time we met Melissa was at her bridal shoot.  She was stunning — and natural — and seemed to know exactly the right thing to do in front of a camera.

Bride Beautiful

Melissa is enchanting in this unusual, but glamorous pose.

Unfortunately we have no images of their wedding.  It was shot on film when we were still shooting TMAX 3200 at iso 800.  Why did we do that?  Because we loved the grain.  And shooting it at 800 instead of 3200 refined the grain enough that most of our clients loved it!  Unfortunately, the negatives were lost in one of the 4 moves since the wedding was shot.  But when their first child was born, Mia Grace, they found us again and had us shoot their family pictures.

Their son was born a few weeks ago and again we had the honor to photographically record the event.

Shooting at home requires an entirely different set of skills and tools.  You’ll need lights, a tripod, and the knowledge to know what to do with them.  For us it’s harder.  We are natural light photographers who lean to the candid instead of the formal.  But the goal is the same.  Get something that works and have fun.