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Another indoor shoot — this time at the Utah State Capitol Building.  The setting is important, so a photographer must light the subject and expose for the background.  Simply put, a photographer lights the subject and then uses a slower shutter speed to expose the background.  That means the camera must be set to manual mode, the subject is metered and exposed correctly.  This is best done by adding some sort of flash or external lights.  Then for the background, the shutter is set to expose it correctly.  Typically, a flash syncs at between 1/60 and 1/250 — but can be set manually.  Instead of using these speeds, you set the shutter speed at 1/30 or  1/8 or whatever will give you the amount of detail in the background you want.  The flash should freeze the motion of the subject — but for me, there is always some motion blur.  Most of the time, I like it.  Sometimes it’s distracting.  So if you shoot this way, shoot mega extra frames.  You’ll probably need them.

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Apart from the technical, this was a joy to shoot.  Two brides playing off each other!  What an opportunity.  And the best part — they are family.  My family.  Heidi, the brides’ mother, is my almost youngest sister.  She’s always doing things for me.  It’s nice to have something I can do for her!