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I’ve been working with Kristy McMahon of Inline Ovals on a product line of images she will sell as framed prints in her online store. The website will be up next week. Fingers crossed. And toes. But not my eyes. (That was a joke. They must be crossed. Actually, that is the joke.) Anyway I worked on the Sacred Grove for her last night for a couple of hours. The picture below is the original.


This image of the Sacred Grove was taken in April, 2008.

For three years, we have done nothing with it. Except print it for ourselves. But Kristy called and said she wanted a Sacred Grove, and did we have one. I dug through my files and pulled this one out. I will send it to her, along with all of the following variations.

Additionally, we will send her an 8×20 which is a non standard size. It is shown below in black and white with inscription, but will also come in all the above variations.

Black and White

Color conversion to black and white with light rays added cropped to a 1 to 2.25 ratio.

If you’d like to know how to add textures to some of your images in photoshop, watch the first video below.


If you’d like to know how to add light rays to an image, watch the video below.


Oh!  It would be helpful to know which variation you like best — and why.  Don’t be shy.  Please comment!