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A couple of days ago — in the evening — magic hour — Liz and I  met the Wilsons at the Boat Dock in Saratoga Springs for a photo shoot.  We brought the cameras.  No one brought food.

Nonetheless, we had an excellent time.  We just shot what happened.  The smiles and the tears.  In color.  Copied the files and did a digital conversion to black and white during post processing.  We chose our favorite images, put them together in a slide show, uploaded it to YouTube, and are now sharing it.

When burned to a DVD, it can be played on a player and viewed on TV.  We’ve been making this type of slide show for years.  Bridals, engagements, wedding day.  It’s one of our clients’ favorite ways to view their images.  Some mothers put their just-married child’s DVD in the player and leave it to play over and over again.  It’s a great way to save, view, and share the best digital files.

Anyway, here’s the slideshow to the Wilson’s shoot!  Enjoy!