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For Kaden’s 9th birthday party his parents brought in a rock wall to climb.  The party began late in the afternoon — a little too early for the optimal early evening light in which I prefer to shoot.  So, I had to make a choice: wait to shoot until the light suited my fancy or just shoot the event, knowing I could correct most of the lighting later in photoshop.  Of course I chose to shoot and correct what I could.  Otherwise, i would have missed all the good action waiting for the light.

The images posted here were processed using the camera raw feature accessed through Adobe Bridge combined with MCP Actions Mini Fusion.  I love this action which can be modified to suit anyone’s taste.  I often go for a more pastel, gentle look.  But some of the time I just decrease the contrast and open up the shadows.  Occasionally, I use the actions to increase the saturation and deepen the skin tones.

According to one of the children who climbed that wall, it was the greatest party ever!  Here are some of the images.