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I’m sure that when I arrive at the pleasing bar of God I will regret not being kinder, not being wiser, not being more honest.  But for right now, one of my biggest regrets is not taking my camera with me.  Every place I go.

Oh, sure, I have an iPhone which goes with me, everywhere.  It does have a pretty good camera in it, but it’s not the same as carrying around my Nikon and all the lenses.  I’ve missed more good shots than I’ve ever taken.  And that’s lamentable.

So I still say, the first step of becoming a photographer is to take the camera you want to shoot with you.  Everywhere.  And take lots of pictures.  Drive the people you are with crazy.  Just snap snap snap away.  Then look at them when you get home.  Critically.  Ask yourself, “How could this have been better?”  Then, try it again.  Until you are better.

Me too.  I’m starting again.  Taking my own advice.  I hope I shoot and evaluate enough  today so that tomorrow I can be just a wee bit better.